Empower fintech companies with transformative rebranding that builds trust, drives growth, and ensures market leadership.
Tailored Rebranding Strategy
We develop a rebranding strategy aligned with your goals and market needs. Our approach ensures consistent impact across touchpoints, building trust, preserving legacy, and enhancing market position.
Strategic Audit and Analysis
Our rebranding process starts with a comprehensive brand audit and strategic analysis. We delve into your brand's history, community impact, and legacy, ensuring continuity while addressing areas for improvement.
Specialized in Fintech Rebranding
We understand the fast-paced, trust-driven environment of fintech. Facing unique challenges like rapid growth and increased competition, fintech brands need a strong, trustworthy presence. Our approach addresses these specific pain points with strategic solutions.
Our Approach
We specialize in comprehensive rebranding services tailored to the unique needs of fintech companies, covering every aspect of brand development from initial strategy to final implementation.
We guide fintech leaders through transformative rebrand to modernize brand image, engage customers, and lead the market.
Meet the team
Senior-Level Expertise, Personally Delivered

We are Aiste and Leonard, the duo behind Fintech Branding Studio. As senior-level experts, we personally handle every aspect of your rebranding project. When you work with us, you get our direct attention and expertise—no hand-offs to junior designers.
Exclusive Focus and Dedication

We take on a select number of clients to ensure full attention to each project, providing the highest level of care and expertise. Working with us means benefiting from our hands-on involvement and unwavering commitment to excellence.
Leo is a Creative Director known for his innovative design solutions and problem-solving skills. He is highly regarded in design communities. With over a decade of experience, Leo has developed a rich and diverse portfolio, crafting engaging brand visuals for global giants like Daimler, Disney, and Pepperstone, as well as emerging unicorns such as Vinted and Shopify.

His work has been published and featured in numerous awards and galleries, testifying to his creative excellence and industry recognition.

Leo's approach combines a deep understanding of brand strategy with a passion for visual storytelling, ensuring each brand he touches is not only aesthetically compelling but also strategically robust. He has also co-run a hands-on course, "Branding for Business," to help SMBs build strong, impactful brands.
Aiste specializes in brand strategy and visual implementation, focusing on the intersection of strategy and design. With a background in architecture, she brings a strategic framework that builds stronger brands with a solid foundation.

With over a decade of experience, Aiste has been trusted by enterprises like Google, Ernst & Young, and P&G, as well as SMBs, to tackle branding challenges. She is certified in renowned Brand Strategy courses, including:

• Scott Galloway's "The Brand Strategy"
• April Dunford's "The Positioning"
• Anneli Hansson's "Brand Strategy Fundamentals"
• Chris Do's "The Core"

Her work has been featured in numerous awards and galleries, highlighting the impact of her projects. Aiste's commitment to excellence ensures each client receives a thorough and visually compelling rebrand.
Digital Optimization
In today's digital world, a strong online presence is crucial. Our digital optimization services enhance your digital touch points for improved user engagement and consistency:
Social Media Strategy:
Developing strategies to enhance your brand's presence on social platforms.
Website Design:
Building websites that reflect your brand identity and provide an excellent user experience.
Presentation Design:
Creating compelling presentations that communicate your brand message effectively.
UX/UI Design:
Enhancing user experience and interface design to ensure ease of use and engagement.
Visual Transformation
Our visual transformation services ensure your brand stands out and resonates with your target audience. We focus on creating a modern and enduring visual identity, including:
Logo Refresh:
Updating existing logos to reflect current trends and brand evolution.
Graphic System Redesign:
Developing cohesive graphic elements that support brand identity.
Brand Guidelines:
Providing comprehensive guidelines to maintain brand consistency.
Logo Redesign:
Creating new logos that capture your brand's essence.
Identity Design:
Establishing a unified visual identity across all brand touchpoints.
Rebranding Strategy
We begin with a thorough audit and strategic analysis to understand your brand's current position and identify areas for improvement. Our strategic services include:
Brand Audit:
Assessing the current brand landscape to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Crafting memorable and meaningful brand names.
Brand Positioning:
Defining your brand's unique value proposition and market position.
Rebrand Strategy:
Developing a clear plan to reposition your brand in the market.
Brand Architecture:
Structuring your brand's hierarchy to align with business goals.
Expertise and Services
We specialize in comprehensive rebranding services tailored to the unique needs of fintech companies, covering every aspect of brand development from initial strategy to final implementation.