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Cloud-based sales compensation planning and automation software.

motiveOS is an Australian cloud-based sales compensation planning and automation software that helps organisations create compensation plans.

The real-time compensation app provides accuracy and visibility to sales, finance, and management teams, helping to automate the entire sales commission process. The motiveOS platform seamlessly integrates with many Finance and CRM systems that organizations are already using today. This integration allows businesses to create, track and automate their sales compensation process efficiently, transparently and error-free.

motiveOS's goal is to assist SaaS SMB's and their sales, finance, and management teams, therefore the brand needed to look and feel professional yet likable, innovative, and technologically advanced.

We worked closely with the motiveOS team to develop the new brand starting from discovery, to development of brand and comprehensive identity system, functional brand guidelines, and streamlined digital presence and strategy. Every element needed to position motiveOS as a high-quality, customer-focused, extremely capable self-service supplier.

Pepperstone fintech 3d logo design
Pepperstone logo design

We want clients to see motiveOS as a top-notch real-time commission app when it comes to helping to grow sales and innovating the market.


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Fintech type design

Above all, the logo need to be simple. Simplicity is memorable, bold, confident and works in all shapes and colors. The most effective logos are always in their simplest form.

This logo need to be flexible enough for digital and print use, work in one color, be legible at a very small scale.

Pepperstone logo versions
Pepperstone outdoor advertisement

motiveOS mission is to help growing businesses build world-class revenue teams.


Fintech brand corporate identity
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