Zeroes branding


ZEROES is on a mission to be a hero digital
bank that people love because it's so easy to use and is free.

In late 2018 we engaged with an ambitious team coming from successful ventures and was on a mission to improve banking sector.

The team had an idea and a name they all loved - ZEROES and after an inspiring conversation we called them "Bank for Heroes", and this became the company slogan.

We partnered with ZEROES to uncover brand goals and create brand strategy, positioning and identity that communicates the core product idea and set it apart from the competition.

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"To modern citizens, our straightforward bank with zero transaction fees, helps you manage your money wisely, create budgets, invest and donate to causes, and withdraw bills at any ATM because it's 21st century and banking should be easy, fun and free."


Zeroes brand strategy revolves around a theme - Bank for Heroes.

The Zeroes brand user is young, tech-savvy, who manages and invests money wisely, donate to selected causes, likes to plan expenses and create personal & group budgets for upcoming purchases.

Zeroes believes in financial revolution, that future is smart and convenient for all and the brand strategy reflects that.

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ZEROES archetype is the Hero. Brand as a person is caring, personable and intelligent, brand's goal is to help users become winners in their set finance goals. ZEROES is a friend and a coach that wishes you to make good choices, grow and succeed. ZEROES talks to you as a friendly coach, is not formal, uses catchphrases, shortenings.


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