Fyde Rebrand
Brand identity for an emerging leader in decentralized finance (DeFi), offering on-chain treasury and asset management solutions for the crypto ecosystem
Fyde needed a rebrand to align its branding with its innovative, decentralized finance solutions and expanding market presence. The previous branding did not fully capture the technological sophistication and reliability of Fyde's services. The goals were to modernize the brand identity, enhance market perception, and attract target audience

Our Role:
-> Brand Discovery
-> Visual Rebrand
-> Identity System
-> Brand Guidelines
-> Web Design
-> UX/UI System
-> Iconography System
Logo Redesign
The new logo features an abstract representation of the letter “F," symbolizing the brand's ability to overcome challenges and push boundaries. The blocks in the design communicate growth, scale, and customization. The color palette includes dark navy for trust and stability, and vibrant teal for innovation, with a gradient of cyber sky blue and electric lavender. Multiple design concepts were explored, with the final choice reflecting stakeholder input and brand values.
Graphic System
The core concept represents the seamless integration of security and liquidity management. The system is designed for clarity and impact across both digital and print platforms, with variations in gradient and greyscale for different applications. We strengthened Fyde's online presence with visually compelling and adaptable graphics. The dynamic and flexible designs support Fyde's digital identity, ensuring consistent and impactful brand representation online.
Web Design and UI/UX
The web design and UI/UX system were developed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. The website features a modern, clean design with easy navigation, ensuring users can access information and tools efficiently. The UI/UX system incorporates Fyde's new brand elements, creating a cohesive and engaging digital environment that enhances user interaction and satisfaction.
Brand Guidelines
The comprehensive guide covers logo usage, color palette, typography, and iconography. These guidelines ensure the uniform application of the brand identity across all materials, maintaining a recognizable and professional look.