Triple-A Rebranding
Brand identity for a B2B fintech leader specializing in secure crypto to fiat payment solutions.
Triple-A provides secure and efficient solutions for converting cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. Their services enable businesses to seamlessly integrate crypto payments into their existing financial systems, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

Despite advanced technology and significant partnerships with VISA and Binance, Triple-A's branding did not reflect their industry-leading position. A comprehensive rebrand was needed to align their visual identity with their innovative and reliable reputation in the fintech sector.
Our Role:
-> Brand Discovery
-> Visual Rebrand
-> Identity System
-> Brand Guidelines
Logo Redesign
Logo: The new Triple-A logo is a bold wordmark with custom-crafted typography, exuding confidence and modernity. The deep blue hue anchors the brand in trustworthiness, while the logo's presence commands attention in the fintech space.

Color Palette: The primary shades of spring green, robin egg blue, and deep blue evoke growth, trust, and wisdom, aligning with the brand's forward-thinking ethos.

Logo Explorations: We explored various concepts blending icons and wordmarks. Stakeholder input led us to a powerful standalone wordmark with custom letter-styling and a bold green tone, perfectly fitting their vision and B2B space.
Graphic System
The graphics represent Triple-A's role in connecting crypto and traditional finance. We created a unified graphic system visualizing this convergence across all branding, optimized for both digital and print media.

To maximize Triple-A's digital presence, we designed a core graphic system that is visually bold yet flexible for online use across channels. These dynamic visuals represent Triple-A's role in bridging crypto and traditional finance, empowering their pioneering solutions with an impactful and adaptable identity.
Brand Guidelines
The final stage involved creating comprehensive brand guidelines, detailing the use of the logo, colors, typography, and more. This provides a blueprint for Triple-A's brand assets and visual strategy, ensuring consistent application across all platforms.