Revolut’s Brand Refresh: Subtle Changes, Big Impact in Fintech

Revolut Rebrand
Revolut has recently unveiled its latest rebrand, marking its third brand evolution since 2015. This iteration is considered a brand refresh, building on the significant transformation of the wordmark in 2020. The new direction focuses on refining the logo to maintain a modern and streamlined appearance.
Revolut Rebrand - Logo Design Changes

Subtle Logo Changes

The latest rebrand features subtle yet effective alterations to the wordmark. Since its major transformation in 2020, the logo has been fine-tuned to reflect a cleaner and more contemporary look. These changes ensure the brand remains relevant and visually appealing without straying too far from its established identity.
Revolut Rebrand - Branded Photography

Branded Photography

One of the most significant changes in this rebrand is the introduction of branded photography. Revolut has shifted to using candid, companionship-focused moments, steering away from images of POS systems and cards. This approach emphasizes pure emotional connection, aiming to humanize the brand and create a deeper connection with its audience.
Revolut Rebrand - 3D Graphics

Expanding Use of 3D Graphics and Coin Theme

The new identity system incorporates an expanded use of 3D graphics. These elements bring flexibility and playfulness to the brand, effectively showcasing various product categories. Among these graphics, the consistent theme of coins stands out. Coins appear throughout the rebrand, tying the visual elements together and reinforcing Revolut’s core financial services.
Revolut Rebrand - Bold Typography

Bold Typography

Typography also plays a crucial role in Revolut’s new visual identity. The focus on big, bold, and capitalized text makes typography a prominent graphical element. This bold approach ensures that Revolut’s messaging is clear, impactful, and easily recognizable.
Revolut Rebrand - 3D Icon

Why This Brand Refresh is Interesting

Revolut’s rebrand is not just a visual update; it serves as an inspiration for modern banking and technology brands. By blending traditional elements with innovative design, Revolut sets a new standard in the fintech industry. This refresh is likely to inspire a wave of new brands, eager to emulate its successful fusion of emotional connection and cutting-edge design.

In summary, Revolut’s latest rebrand reflects a thoughtful evolution, embracing human-centric photography, dynamic 3D graphics, and bold typography. It’s a strategic move that not only modernizes the brand but also sets a benchmark for others in the industry.
Revolut Rebrand - 3D UI Elements
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