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Western Union Rebrand Breakdown

Revolut Rebrand
Western Union, a leader in global money transfer and financial services, has undergone a significant rebrand to align with digital trends and broaden its appeal to tech-savvy global consumers.

Global Reach

Western Union serves customers in over 200 countries. Their target audience includes both individuals and businesses involved in cross-border money transfers and financial transactions. This includes:

1. Migrant Workers and Their Families:
Many users are migrant workers sending money back home to help their families.

2. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):
Western Union also helps SMEs that need quick and reliable international payment solutions. They provide access to different currencies and up-to-date exchange rates for smooth international transactions.

3. Tech-Savvy Consumers:
With more people using digital platforms, Western Union targets fintech-savvy consumers who like using mobile apps and online services for sending and receiving money from anywhere.

4. Financially Inclusive Customers:
Western Union aims to include underserved and unbanked populations by providing services to them. Their large network of physical locations ensures that even those without traditional banking can use their services.
Revolut Rebrand - Logo Design Changes

Importance of a Global Brand

Having a truly global audience in mind, it was crucial for Western Union to ensure its brand works worldwide. The rebrand is important because it shows the company’s effort to create a clear and appealing identity for everyone. This helps their services connect with people from different cultures and financial situations, making them a top choice in international money transfers.
Revolut Rebrand - Branded Photography

Logo Evolution

The new logo features a bold, minimal monogram paired with sans-serif typography, replacing the previous more traditional design. The signature yellow color remains a core element, ensuring brand continuity while modernizing the overall aesthetic.
Revolut Rebrand - 3D Graphics

Visual Identity

The rebrand introduces a refreshed visual identity that emphasizes clarity and simplicity. The new design system is geared towards both digital and physical applications, making it versatile and easily recognizable whether seen on a mobile app or at a storefront.
Revolut Rebrand - 3D Icon

Photography and Illustrations

Western Union’s photography now focuses on emotional connections and real-life moments, showcasing a diverse audience to reflect its global user base. The illustration style is clear and straightforward, highlighting key services like mobile transfers, accessibility, and convenience, all within a consistent yellow theme.
Revolut Rebrand - Bold Typography


The rebrand also brings in bold and modern typography for taglines, using PPRight Grotesk Wide, while the body text features Roboto Regular. This combination aims to enhance readability and convey a sense of reliability and modernity.
Revolut Rebrand - 3D Icon

Strategic Rationale

The rebrand was driven by the need to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. By updating its visual identity, Western Union aims to bridge the gap between its long-standing physical presence and its expanding digital services, ensuring it meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

Public Reaction

The public’s response to Western Union’s rebrand has been a mix of admiration for the bold new look and curiosity about the brand’s future direction. The rebrand signals Western Union’s commitment to innovation while subtly honoring its rich history.


Western Union’s rebrand marks a strategic move to modernize its image, enhance its digital presence, and maintain its leadership in global financial services. The new logo, visual identity, and communication style all work together to create a cohesive, contemporary brand that resonates with a global audience.
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